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The two volumes "The Books of Wonder" by Tommy Wonder in French!

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Tommy Wonder

The two volumes "The Books of Wonder" by Tommy Wonder in French!

Tommy Wonder is one of the most respected magicians in the world today. He is widely recognized as a master of the close-up and the stage.

You will find in these books a whole series of tricks, routines and tests. He also explains his professional close-up routines.

Volume 1 :
The first volume of the Books of Wonder opens with a chapter devoted to attention control (commonly called "misdirection") in which he introduces totally original concepts based on his professional experience.
This is followed by close-up effects with cards and coins, including a detailed description of his incredible version of the Crazy Card, as well as a selection of lounge tricks.
The book ends with an essay entitled "The Three Pillars of Magic" which may well change the way you conceive of your magic and make giant strides in the mastery of your art.

Volume 2 :
This second volume of the Books of Wonder opens with close-up effects using accessories other than cards and coins, and essays on problems related to the practice of close-up in general (the environment, noise, stage fright, troublemakers, etc...), and table-hopping in particular (how to approach a table, how to introduce oneself, what kind of tricks to start with, etc...).
The second chapter explains the two-cup routine that made Tommy Wonder world famous.
The rest of the book is devoted to stage and living room routines with, among other things, the explanation of his extraordinary versions of three classics: "The Eclipsed Cage", "The Zombie" and "The Nesting Boxes".

More than 900 illustrated pages.


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