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The "Wand Kit" is our new Magic Kit !

Do you know the "Magic Kit" series? Do you know the "Magic Kit" series?

The concept is simple: with a minimum of accessories, the goal is to deliver real magic pearls, well-kept secrets that will amaze your audience.

Given the ever growing success of the first two Kits, we have decided to offer you this new Magic Kit.
These Kits form a kind of "mini-box" of inexpensive magic.
This time, six original and easy to execute experiments are proposed to you.
These Kits are an ideal tool for the initiation of very young people to the Kingdom of Illusion ! !

7 tricks are proposed in this kit.

1- The Shrinking Wand.
2- The Soft Wand.
3- Ball Hunting.
4- The Traveling Ball.
5- Main Interlaced.
6- Appearance of the Pen.
7- Levitation

Ideas can be perfectly adapted to a quality magic for children, always fond of surprises, colours and originality!

Strong points :

- 7 surprising tricks
- Perfect for children's magic;
- Very simple to perform;
- Clever tricks and full of originality!

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