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Create fireballs at your fingertips!

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Nicholas Lawrence

Create fireballs at your fingertips!

This remarkable accessory makes it possible to produce fireballs from an ordinary looking pen. 

You receive a ready-to-use device that will allow you to harness the power of fire. 

Easy to use, it will attract the attention of any audience. 

Nicholas Lawrence worked on Flare to make it the perfect complement to your proximity magic. 

Designed with performance and safety in mind, Flare is simply the best pen of its kind available on the market. 

The pen is completely black to keep it discreet. 

The following are included:

- A pen that looks completely harmless.

- A USB charger.

- A normal pen with a similar appearance.

- Reset is very easy (use flash paper, which is not included).

Remarks :

- The first person to create and market a flash gun disguised as a pen was Rick Haslett. Flare is offered with his explicit permission.

- Flare is not a toy. It is a pen that produces real fireballs; the instructions include all the safety information, so please use it with caution.


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