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Here is the video of the first of the 5 routines imagined by Dominique Duvivier: Direct Block Effect...a real massacre!...

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You will provoke mass hysteria among your audience with this Matrix of madness!

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The ultimate version of the great classic of Street Magic: the Piece Through the Can!

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If the best versions of Copenetro and Miser's Dream had a child, it would be Clonk 3!

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Make rings, coins, tokens disappear...

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An almost universal gimmick to perform real miracles!

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Put magic directly in the hands of your audience!

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Fourteen fake tokens that allow you to create an infinite number of miracles...

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"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".

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The "Version +" of the famous Dominique Duvivier's revolutionary box, in Eisenhower dollar format!
THREE coin boxes in ONE: Okito, Boston and Solid Bloc!

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