A trick to taste... without moderation!


One of the best credit card routines, from the ingenious mind of Nazar Kayumov.


The can of crushed Coca Cola returns intact in an instant!

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Le plus beau tour de Magie Mentale "électronique" ! ...


And they say that gluttony is an ugly blemish...


The fastest coin processing in the world.

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To make a ring appear inside a case.

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Le célèbre tour des "Dominos", de nouveau disponible.

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Dans ce deuxième volume, les objets sont encore à l'honneur grâce à des trouvailles inspirées des grands magiciens du passé, avec une touche de Bloom. Sans compter quelques...

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His journey begins with the oath of the Magician, and continues step by step until the end of his initiation". 25 simple illusions to realize so that your child 'initiates to...
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