€22.50 €25.00

A shock introduction... to produce your deck of cards!

€26.18 €29.08

How to secretly and instantly control and retrieve the spectator's signed card!

€22.43 €24.92

A swap of two folded cards in your spectators' hands!

€2.92 €4.17

Cette carte est magique : elle transforme tout ce qu'elle touche !

€33.68 €37.42

An arrow drawn on the back of a card comes to life and moves magically!

€26.18 €29.08

A really crazy illusion worthy of a video trick!

€261.75 €290.83
Do you believe in ghosts? I will after seeing this trick...
€37.50 €41.67

La nouvelle sensation de Dominique Duvivier. Le tour "foolé" Penn & Teller dans leur célèbre émission TV "Fool Us".

€60.00 €66.67

Dominique Duvivier's new sensation EN JERRY'S NUGGET. The "foolish" Penn & Teller trick in their famous TV show "Fool Us".

€20.25 €22.50

TWO decks of cards occupy the same space!

€33.75 €37.50

A hallucinating effect, very phoney... or not!

€29.93 €33.25

Visually transform a card into a tea bag!

€40.50 €45.00

The turn of the Invisible Game, but with giant cards!

€22.50 €25.00

A "new generation" flying card!

€24.00 €26.67

Exchanging cards, banknotes, business cards... and even predictions become child's play.

€48.75 €54.17

Le Matrix le plus incroyable jamais conçu !

€22.50 €25.00

You predicted the map freely thought by the spectator!

€24.00 €26.67

The chosen card is released from the ribbon on which it was imprisoned!

€10.88 €12.08

One of the greatest bestsellers of all time.

€29.25 €32.50

What if you could tear the corner off a card the same way every time?

€7.09 €15.42

Easy-to-do tricks from everyday items!

€16.33 €20.42

L'effet Triumph porté à son paroxysme !

€18.75 €20.83

The version of the "Cigarette à Travers la Carte", Sharpie version!

€18.68 €20.75

A superb illusion created in the palm of your hand!

€18.68 €20.75

To perform an ultra-clean prediction experiment.

€12.33 €15.42

Le best-seller de Dominique Duvivier pour l'effet Brainwave avec un petit paquet !

€18.68 €20.75

Go fishing... and find the chosen card!

€30.00 €33.33

A tour with giant maps, ideal for children's shows!

€18.68 €20.75

An ideal trick to pique their curiosity!

€36.75 €40.83

A signed, torn, animated... and restored card!

€15.00 €16.67

An atypical card trick that is extremely visual and automatic!

€44.93 €49.92

A revolutionary progressive map color change at sight!

€6.38 €7.08
The fully automatic version of the great classic "Twisting the Aces".
€59.00 €73.75

La version ultime du best-seller de Dominique Duvivier "Tempête sous un Crâne".

€22.43 €24.92

This is the most incredible version of the Ceiling Card!

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