La nouvelle sensation de Dominique Duvivier. Le tour "foolé" Penn & Teller dans leur célèbre émission TV "Fool Us".


Dominique Duvivier's new sensation EN JERRY'S NUGGET. The "foolish" Penn & Teller trick in their famous TV show "Fool Us".


A must from Dominique Duvivier!!!
When Magic surpasses even the Magician!


A hallucinating effect, very phoney... or not!


A shock introduction... to produce your deck of cards!


Dominique Duvivier’s bestseller for the Brainwave effect with a small package!

On sale!
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The cards in your deck start to devour each other: they are cannibals that you show for real with their striking multicolored tribal paintings! Dominique Duvivier, with his...


Un des plus grands best-sellers de tous les temps.


The Ultimate version of Dominique Duvivier's best-seller "Nervous Breakdown"


Tricks that are easy to do, using everyday objects!


This card is magic: it transforms everything it touches!


This is the most incredible version of the Ceiling Card!


L'effet Triumph porté à son paroxysme !


An atypical card trick that is extremely visual and automatic!


The version of the "Cigarette à Travers la Carte", Sharpie version!


The turn of the Invisible Game, but with giant cards!


To perform an ultra-clean prediction experiment.

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Une carte signée, déchirée, animée... et restaurée !


Visually transform a card into a tea bag!

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Do you believe in ghosts? I will after seeing this trick...


A superb illusion created in the palm of your hand!


La version complètement automatique du grand classique "Twisting the Aces".


TWO decks of cards occupy the same space!


Le Matrix le plus incroyable jamais conçu !


You predicted the map freely thought by the spectator!


Exchanging cards, banknotes, business cards... and even predictions become child's play.


What if you could tear the corner off a card the same way every time?


A revolutionary progressive map color change at sight!


Une carte volante "nouvelle génération" !


The chosen card is released from the ribbon on which it was imprisoned!


A tour with giant maps, ideal for children's shows!


An arrow drawn on the back of a card comes to life and moves magically!


A really crazy illusion worthy of a video trick!


A swap of two folded cards in your spectators' hands!


The REALLY Perfect Poker demonstration by Dominique Duvivier


Dominique has combined the best qualities of the «Nudist Deck» («Mental Photography») with the power of a «Brainwave Deck».
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