€18.68 €20.75

Two solid and identical sticks penetrate each other in a cross-shaped tube!

€16.50 €18.33

The famous "Chinese Rings" trick... with ropes!

€336.75 €374.17
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The professional version of "Drink on Demand".

€11.25 €12.50
To achieve the famous "ashes on the arm" effect in an almost impromptu way!
€8.13 €16.25

Will you dare to enter the Dark Room?
A great classic revisited by Dominique Duvivier.

€9.75 €16.25

The famous "Dominoes" trick, available again.

€9.75 €10.83
To make many different kinds of figures.
€33.75 €37.50

A hallucinating effect, very phoney... or not!

€64.17 €91.67

New tool, new performance, this wallet that is designed for your credit cards, cash, credit card coupons, etc. will allow you to do crazy routines that you don't even know...

€18.38 €20.42

Make a playing card appear, disappear or even turn it into a playing card!

€9.00 €10.00
A truer-than-life hologram!
€7.71 €15.42

Quoc Tien Tran invites you to a complete overview of the Chinese Rings.

€12.50 €25.00

As in a ballet, the two pins unite and disunite, always and without stopping,...

€10.42 €20.83

Gypsy Thread, le célèbre tour du fil à coudre coupé, revisité par Quoc Tien Tran.

€4.63 €15.42

Tricks that are easy to do, using everyday objects!

€7.71 €15.42

In this second volume, objects are still in the spotlight thanks to finds inspired by the great magicians of the past, with a touch of Bloom. Not to mention a few beads drawn...

€41.18 €45.75

The ultimate ticket transformation!

€99.33 €124.17

Faire apparaître une bague à l'intérieur d'un écrin.

€26.18 €29.08

Chinese rings... with pretzels!

€187.43 €208.25

True will change the way you practice mentalism!

€48.75 €54.17

Close-up on the version: Play the game of Morpion with your audience and reveal a totally bluffing and unexpected finale!

€33.75 €37.50

The most catchy and fun mentalism trick in years.

€39.00 €43.33

Beam a signed object into the badge the spectator has been wearing around his neck all along!

€29.93 €33.25

The notepad to be forced for professionals finally available...

€18.68 €20.75

Your drawing instantly turns into a real banknote!

€26.25 €29.17
Magnificent close-up bag to carry your equipment elegantly.
€14.67 €18.33

Un tour de mentalisme utilisant des objets simples et attractifs vraiment bluffant !

€296.25 €329.17
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A new magical concept that takes the classic "object to an impossible location" to new heights!

€14.25 €15.83

Make rings, coins, tokens disappear...

€44.93 €49.92

Instantly make the object you want appear in full view!

€89.93 €112.42
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WOW, le tour de légende, est désormais rentré dans l'ère du Cube !

€33.68 €37.42

An almost universal gimmick to perform real miracles!

€29.93 €33.25

An AMAZING sequel to your invisible gaming routine!

€11.25 €12.50

And they say that gluttony is an ugly blemish...

€262.50 €291.67
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Discover the close-up version of the Mental Dice !

€18.68 €20.75

Tous les magiciens le savent, si vous voulez attirer l'attention de votre public... UTILISEZ DU FEU !

€89.93 €112.42
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€26.18 €29.08
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€24.68 €27.42

"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".

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