Two solid and identical sticks penetrate each other in a cross-shaped tube!


The famous "Chinese Rings" trick... with ropes!

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The professional version of "Drink on Demand".

To achieve the famous "ashes on the arm" effect in an almost impromptu way!

Will you dare to enter the Dark Room?
A great classic revisited by Dominique Duvivier.


The famous "Dominoes" trick, available again.

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A hallucinating effect, very phoney... or not!


"For me, this wallet is the best version of a "gimmicked" wallet that exists ....  Extremely versatile and super practical, the possibilities with this accessory are...


Make a playing card appear, disappear or even turn it into a playing card!


As in a ballet, the two pins unite and disunite, always and without stopping,...


Quoc Tien Tran vous invite à un tour d'horizon complet des Anneaux Chinois .


Dominique Duvivier's magic... in full transparency!


The card chosen by a spectator appears mysteriously on a silk shown empty beforehand.


Tricks that are easy to do, using everyday objects!


In this second volume, objects are still in the spotlight thanks to finds inspired by the great magicians of the past, with a touch of Bloom. Not to mention a few beads drawn...

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Faire apparaître une bague à l'intérieur d'un écrin.

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Chinese rings... with pretzels!


True will change the way you practice mentalism!


Close-up on the version: Play the game of Morpion with your audience and reveal a totally bluffing and unexpected finale!


Beam a signed object into the badge the spectator has been wearing around his neck all along!


The notepad to be forced for professionals finally available...


Your drawing instantly turns into a real banknote!

Magnificent close-up bag to carry your equipment elegantly.

Make rings, coins, tokens disappear...


Instantly make the object you want appear in full view!

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WOW, le tour de légende, est désormais rentré dans l'ère du Cube !


An almost universal gimmick to perform real miracles!

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Win 10 € per Magic in less than 3 seconds!


And they say that gluttony is an ugly blemish...

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Discover the close-up version of the Mental Dice !

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Tous les magiciens le savent, si vous voulez attirer l'attention de votre public... UTILISEZ DU FEU !

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"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".


An extraordinary prediction with the help of a photo; make one or more spectators live a surreal experience.

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